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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 6, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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friends mourned the loved one. >> the ex-boyfriend charged with killing her had more alcohol fueled run ins with the law. >> i'm jessica. >> and i'm don scott. >> here is what people are talking about today. love's body is back as her family prepares for her funeral while new information emerges on her ex-boyfriends past. he played lacrosse. mike stays on the investigation. good afternoon mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica. police are investigating the roles that rage and alcohol played in the murder. published reports reveal her ex had several run ins with the law in florida where his family owns a summer home. >> home. ♪ i stand by you >> reporter: hundreds remembered the promising young university of virginia lacrosse
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player who police found dead, her body beaten at her off campus apartment. >> my hope for her and for you is that her dying inspires an anger, a sense of outrage that no one need ever fear for safety. >> reporter: while friends are in mourning police are building the murder case against her ex-boyfriend. george from montgomery. they seized a red stained shirt ex computers from his apartment. authorities are investigating whether he had been violent against her in the past. >> we don't have documented police reports of his behaviors. >> reporter: wjz reported an officer from virginia shot him with a shun gone and pleaded guilty to resisting arrest in 2008 and now published reports detail other disturbing behavior including how he had to be pulled from the ocean in florida when he jumped in during a
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heated argument with his dad. in another incident he was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor near his family's 2 million-dollar mansion. he admitted shaking love, that her head hit the wall during a fight. >> what he says is he's shaking her and her head is beating against the wall. might not have intended to kill her but enough conduct that accident, pure accident would be a tough sell here. >> this is a community of trust. what was done to her is the most violation of trust. >> reporter: visitation for love will take place tomorrow with the funeral saturday. and love will receive grief from the university of virginia where she had been scheduled to graduate in just a few weeks. reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. a viewing will be held tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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funeral services will be saturday morning at 10:00 at the cathedral. councilwoman man hell lain is not out of the woods a year after bribery charges were dropped. ron has more on this. >> pros tutors are asking those bribery charges be reinstated. she was indicted in january 2009 accused of receiving donations for a political poll from two baltimore business leaders. in exchange she was accused of giving tax breaks. a judge through out the charges due to a lack of evidence. those two leaders did plead guilty to campaign finance violations. don, back to you. >> thank you much, ron. that resulted in resignation of her. >> another scare in new york as the bridge is shut down. the bridge was shut down for more than an hour last night. truck was found abandoned.
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as a precaution the bridge was closed off. turns out nothing was inside that truck. police are trying figure out why the driver abandoned it. when it comes to the man accused of trying bomb time square officials believe the pakistan taliban was in on it. we have more on the investigation for wjz. >> reporter: this photo in time square was taken a year or two before the bombing attempt but a law enforcement official says he was in the same area just before the failed attack to rehearse it. the associated press is reporting three days before the car bombing, he drove the 1993 nissan path finder to time square to scout a location. he returned last friday to park a get away car close by. then on saturday, the day of the incident he mistakenly left the keys to his get away car in the path finder. he had to take public transportation back to his apartment in connecticut. when he returned to manhattan sunday with an extra set of keys
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to re-chief the get away car investigators were close to identifying the pakistan american as a suspect. it's plausible for the pakistan taliban played a role in the attack. he claims he got explosives training at a terrorrest camp and if he did, he was not trained well. >> this was a sloppy armature device that had multiple points of failure. >> reporter: he waved his right to a speedy arraignment and is still cooperating with authorities. >> he provided useful information and we'll continue to pursue a number of leads as we gather intelligence related to this attempted attack. >> reporter: officials say u.s. law enforce the officers joined them in questioning four members of an al-qaeda linked group about possible links to him. >> he was on the no fly list when he was arrested on board a flight about to take off to
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dubai. the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee wants to speed up the deadline for the tsa to take over the international in fly list. the only surviving pakistan gunman behind the attacks that killed two marylanders two years ago was no sentenced to death. he attacked two luxury hotels, a jewish community center and a train station. 166 people were killed. including these two from baltimore. has arrived at the site at the site of a oil spill. a boat with a containment box to siphon off the oil spill is on site. a crane will be used to lower the box to try and cover up the leak. baltimore area residents can pay more for water. they are proposing a 9% increase. this comes after more than 5700
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water main breaks in the past five years. there will be a hearing on the rain increase next month. if approved, it will take effect july 1st, it is a warm and sunny mayday. take a live look out there knew. looks nice now. we're live with coverage, marty bass in the out back and tim bull yums over in the weather center. good afternoon, tim. >> good afternoon don, good afternoon everyone. we'll take you to the temperatures. keep in mind, 71 is the average temperature for this date. we're at 79 on this thursday. 57 in oakland. the cool spot 74 and 76 and heading up to northeast maryland and that seems to be about the magic number from colombia and rock hall as well. 79 in each location. the winds have picked up a bit behind a front that's moving through but showers just sprinkled across the mason dixson line today. 14-mile per hour winds and a pleasant afternoon as temperatures are near 80 and
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still going up. we have a few things going on and just a little cause and effect. of course, we talked about serious storms in the midwest. we talk about all of that and send it outside to marty. >> good afternoon everybody. we got clouds in the area now and a breeze out of the northwest so this wind shift with a cold front. windchills coming through the region but the reason we're talking about cooler temperatures for the weekend is with that area of low pressure and the cold front trailing off to the south and west. indeed, we're going to see temperatures go back into the mid 60s, four to five degrees normal. as we move through the weekend. looks like the severe dynamic is way out to the west. we'll have another warm flow and a very beautiful day in here tomorrow. any storms in our region would be saturday morning. i want to show you one picture. it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon once the clouds press out. another beautiful day tomorrow.
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take a beautiful day in nashville tennessee. clear skies, and a lake in what is lg stadium. that is where the titans play. bobby show us that shot. configuration of the stadium, the water is about up to the 26th row. enjoy the good fortune and good weather. back inside. >> marty, thank you. he's been at the center of controversy and now nfl super star michael vick is in baltimore. he'll talk to kids about dogfighting and animal cruelty. he was just here in manche to receive a courage award. since completing his prison sentence for running an illegal dogfighting ring he's been doing community out reach. still to come, arrested, laurence taylor was taken into custody. nasa prepares space shuttle
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atlantis for it's last mission to space. >> look outside and stick around, your complete forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,
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we're following breaking news out of new york this noon. laurence taylor is arrested and questioned about a rape that allegely took place at a hotel in new york. police plan to hold a news conference this afternoon and will release more details. for the time being the former new york giants linebacker has yet to be formally charged. a year after an air france flight crashes in the atlantic killing everybody on board they found the black boxes. last june the jet was flying from brazil to france. 228 people were killed. the cause of the crash still not known. the space shuttle atlantis is rolled out onto the lunch pad in florida. atlantis will blast off to the international space station on may 14th. it will deliver maintenance and assembly hardware and it will be the final flight. only two more shuttles will head to space before nasa retires all at the end of the year. >> pretty picture.
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>> uh-huh. let's look outside and stick around meteorologist tim williams will be back in two and a half minutes for your forecast. first, here is a look at the today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well.
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hazy out there. >> come forthough. >> humidity is low so with warm temperatures near 80ist comfortable. 79 is our temperature at dwi marshall and 55 is the dew point and the humidity is low. a west, northwesterly wind at 14 and a breezy afternoon with 29.80 and rising your barometer. temperatures are in the 70s and near 80, 85 and 63 the cool spot toward oakland and 78 and 72 and 79 toward dc and dc suburbs. 10-mile an hour winds and north-northwest early wind down the 95 corridor is 14 miles per hour. a pretty light breeze. we had a front that is moving through, ahead of it light showers just brush the top of the state. they added to the cloud cover and winds now are starting to develop as a result of that. our temperatures really not taking any hit at all. we're right around 80 up and down the entire eastern sea
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board. as you early in the morning some showers just really cult right across the top of the state and now they pretty much dissipated out of here and the front as it will push on through here can bring a widely scattered shower over the next few hours but that chance is diminishing. high pressure is taking over again and through tomorrow looks very, very nice as warm air settles in. the next chance of rain saturday. that will knock our temperatures back. we'll see cooler temperatures for saturday and while we will get up to saturday's high of 75 it may not be 70 for long and then sunday we look to see temperatures in the 60s. so 84 today. good bit of sunshine and a nice evening tonight and 49 and tomorrow 78 your daytime high and marty will have the five- day forecast in just a few moments. >> thank you. still to come. is your job bad for you? find out what could lead to heart disease in women? >> here is stories we're following on our website. for constant updates to the
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health watch report, the risk of heart disease in women is the kind of job they have. high-pressure jobs have a higher risk of heart disease. they followed 12,000 and those that considered their job
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take a look at a calm harbor and looks like its will be calm for another day. >> let's go ahead and take a look at that friday. tomorrow will be beautiful. i was just telling the control room the clouds i was talking about are off to the east and i can feel a bit of a difference in the humidity. so newer air mass beautiful 78 tomorrow and showers and thunderstorms saturday morning and early high of 74 and temperatures in the mid 60s
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and then sunday, monday, tuesday the afternoon moving into midweek, sunshine and temperatures pleasantly cool in the 60s. we'll throw it back inside. >> thank you much. cbs's prime time on wjz tonight. tonight at 10:00 the mentallest followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. finally this noon if you won millions upon millions of dollars would you show up to work the next day? a woman was working the overnight shift when she found out her husband hit the 266 million-dollar mega millions jackpot. she called to tell her boss finish out the day at work and back in the newsroom this morning. >> she was in the newsroom this morning to be on the today show. >> you know, the funny thing is, she was an assignment editor and they have one of the hardest job in the newsroom. they take all the phone calls, set all our stories up. she deserves it and i heard her husband just lost his job. >> two months ago got laid off. >> there you go.
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>> i would continue to work until someone ticked me off. >> that would be five minutes after the show; right? >> thanks so much for watching eyewitness news on wjz13. have a great day. ,, hey thunder, lightning...what's the problem? oh, just watch. did you have a good breakfast? no. well here, try this... ...jimmy dean breakfast bowl. mmmmmmm... booooooommmm!! did someone call for rain? fight the morning fade with sausage, egg and cheese breakfast bowls jimmy dean. shine on.
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